Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shoe crafts

Welcome to Teetle Insomnia night. For those who don't know, my other love besides crafts, is SHOES! So, while unable to sleep, I thought, why not combine the 2?!

I bought these shoes at a wholesale store for only $10. I thought they were cute and well, you can't beat the price. But, it's been a few months and I still haven't worn them. They are just a little plain. 
 I was getting ready to put them in the sell/donate pile, but they were a good fit so I decided to experiment a little. I figured if it didn't work, I'd only be out $10 and a few hours. So, yes, I took glue and glitter to my shoes. 
 And here's the finished product! Pretty sparkly gold shoes! I kept a similar color since I wasn't sure if any of the original would show through. 
There's a little loose glitter I need to wipe off still, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I definitely think I'll wear them now. 
Then I decided to give my shoes more options. But this time, less permanent. 
I made a few shoes clips that just clip on and off so I can use them on any pair and put them wherever I want. This was my first attempt so they aren't the best, but I think they're kinda cute.
I added a green and orange flower to my Coffee no Cream Bliss. This will go really good with my orange purse. Then since feathers are popular this season, I added a clip to another $10 pair from the wholesale store. Most feathered shoes I've seen are really pricey. So, for $10, I'll take my DIY pair. (The feather came off a free belt with a pair of jeans, hated the belt but saved the feathers)
I LOVE how this set turned out. Great way to add some color to a basic black shoe. 
And as you can see, you can place them wherever you think looks best for your outfit that day. 
Here it is with my black patent Bliss. 
And a way to add a girly quality to a edgy pair of shoes. Got these for $10 at the wholesale store too. LOVE that place. 

What do you think?! I don't love the top 2 shoe clips but they aren't bad. I love my new sparkly shoes and love the pink/black clips though. 

And to show you just how obsessed I am with's my shoe closet for those who haven't seen it yet. If you think that's a lot of shoes, you should see my craft room! I seriously love this closet. Thankfully I have an awesome hubby that not only understood my need for a closet just for shoes, but he bought and built the shelves for me. AND carried all my boxes of shoes into the room for me. :) 

How to: For the glitter shoes, I mixed a bunch of mod podge with a bunch of glitter. I didn't measure just put almost equal amounts and added more glitter as needed. I put on 4 coats, letting them dry for about 30 min between each coat (I waited til it became clear since it goes on white). 

For shoe clips: 
Black/Pink: I used the Big Shot with a flower shaped die and cut all 4 sizes in both fabrics. I used my Crop-a-dile to punch a hole through the middle of each and set it with an eyelet. I then hot glued in onto a metal shoe clip. 
Feather: I punched out a small circle and hot glued the feather to that. Then just hot glued that to the metal shoe clip.
Green/Orange: I used some white flowers from the Stampin Up Pretties Kit and sponged them with Stampin up ink. I added a flat back pearl from the pretties kit to the center with a mini glue dot. Then attached it with hot glue to the metal clip. 

If you want to buy the Stampin Up supplies I used (Big Shot, Crop-a-dile, mini glue dots, pretties kit, circle punch, eyelits, ink, glitter), here's a link to my Stampin Up site: The flower die is used isn't available any longer but there are others for sale.


  1. These are FAB! Look at all of your wonderful shoes!

  2. Girl, you love some serious high heels!

  3. WOW!!! Loveee your shoe clips!!!


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