Thursday, July 14, 2011

Upcycled JewelMint boxes

For those that don't know, I have a *slight* obsession with JewelMint. I did a review of them month's back after I placed my first order ( After that first order, I didn't stop and have since ordered countless items from them. Which brings me to this post. They package their jewelry in really nice boxes. So nice that I feel bad just throwing them away. But I have no use for stacks and stacks of boxes that say JewelMint on them. Finally, I got around to doing what I've been meaning to, turn them into even cuter boxes. :)
Here's what I started with. See?! Too nice to end up in the trash!
Ok the pic is terrible, but here's the finished product. Keep scrolling for individual pics. 
I had some random feather in my craft room and knew I had to use it on one of the boxes. 
Great for keepsakes from a baby's 1st year. 
I love skulls so there had to be one with them. Made the skulls more girly by adding flowers, dragonflies, and sparkles.  (Stupid ribbon looks crooked in the pic!)
Cherries and polka dots. 2 other faves. I'll probably use this one as a gift box.

I took out the inside packing that holds the jewelry and removed the name cards. I put solid cardstock on the inside of the box to cover the blue/green color. I think I'm going to use that area to write notes to the person I give it to or add favorite quotes to them. Haven't decided yet. I painted the edges of all of them black which next time I'll prob wait to do last so I can distress the edges of the paper too.

I've got about 100 more boxes that I can eventually cover. I'll use most as gift boxes in place of wrapping paper.

If you haven't signed up for JewelMint yet, please sign up using my link: They often have Groupons or promos for new members so you can try it for a lower price.
Images by Freepik