Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Minchkin

As many of you know, we're expecting our first baby in March. If you don't know, here's our announcement. :D I love how it turned out, but realized I never posted it on my blog. Probably because I never really remember that I have a blog. (Worst blogger ever award goes to me for sure)

This Friday, we get to find out what we're having. My friend has the results and is planning a mini reveal for when Josh gets into town. His parents will be visiting too so we can all find out together.

Josh said I should put together a little poll and I was just going to do it on FB, but then realized that it'd be harder to go back to and find later.

So, to help you in your guess, I found this picture on Pinterest and will answer them all:

1. The baby's heartbeat has been between 150-160 each time.
2. I've been craving sweets. Fruit roll ups especially.
3. Wouldn't really call it morning sickness, more nighttime, but yeah definitely been sick.
4. haha Well, as Josh said, the moodiness isn't pregnancy related and just normal. Thanks dear. Definitely been more emotional though!
4. My skin is usually pretty dry so hard to say. I use lotion all the time and that hasn't really changed.
5. I sleep on my right side, but when I'm lounging around, I'm on my left side.
6. Yes more headaches. But that could also be from lack of caffeine since I cut back so much and from stress.

And while it's not on the list, the few dreams I've had where I could tell a gender, it was a boy. We were also bored one day and tried like 10 different Chinese calendar sites. About 8 out of 10 said girl.

Soo....make your guess!! And come back this weekend to see if you were right! We'll definitely be happy either way and we plan to have more than 1 baby eventually so hopefully we'll end up with one of each at some point. lol We're the last chance to keep the Mincher name going so there's the pressure for a boy. But I'm totally girly so people totally see me having a girl.

What Gender do you think the baby will be?

How many pairs of shoes do you think the baby will have before it's even born?

And feel free to add baby name suggestions in the comments! Give us some ideas! I couldn't get that part of the poll to work right.

Images by Freepik