Friday, July 25, 2014


Life with a 1 year old is never predictable. Some days (like yesterday) go super smoothly. Lots of playing and having fun and happiness. Then there are days (like today) that are completely exhausting. E has been a crazy jumble of chaos today. If there's a way to get into things, he will.

This is partially my fault. After a breakfast of eggs, I gave him 2 mini donuts. He doesn't usually have sweets in the morning so I'm gonna blame the sugar.

So far today he has: cleaned out the toilet with the scrub brush (I'm usually really good at keeping the bathroom door closed), gone in the closet to grab an umbrella and try to bash the tv and speaker, threw a tantrum because I took away the umbrella before he could break anything, tried to lift his ride on motorcycle onto the entertainment center, ripped his diaper off, dumped my water on the carpet, climbed all over the furniture, unhooked the bottom of the baby gate, and reached over the gate to grab the lid off the trash to put on his head. All of this as I'm right next to him...that kid is quick (well and I'm slow right now with only 6 weeks left to go).

This looks like a good hat.

And this is just what I can remember. He's full of energy and mischief. We've also done multiple somersaults and played basketball to try to wear off some of this energy, but he's still running around in circles. Normally, I would take him to the park or outside, but it's WAY too hot for that. Or I would take him to an indoor play place, but as luck would have it, his carseat is in pieces since he threw up in it last night. (Note to self: no yogurt before swim class). I'm thinking once J gets home, I'll put the carseat back together and take him to open gym class at WinKids. I would do it during nap time, but I think I'll need a nap too.

What?! I shouldn't be up here mama?? 

I say this all the time, but it's a good thing he's cute. I can only imagine the kind of chaos the new baby will add to the mix. Can't wait for the craziness. 
Images by Freepik