Friday, March 11, 2011

Sole Society

So ANOTHER shoe of the month club popped up the other day. Of course, me being the shoe obsessed girl that I am, HAD to try it out. They are slightly more expensive then their competitors ($50 instead of $40), but some of their items are real leather and they say their quality is better. The rest of the details are pretty much the same (free ship/exchange, referral bonuses, skip by the 5th, etc).

I chose 2 pairs of shoes to try them out so I could see how they compare. My love for SD has dwindled so I'm looking for a replacement for my fix. I still LOVE JF of course though. I went with Karla, an adorable polka dot peep toe bootie and Kayla, the sexy snakeskin pump.

These are the Karla. LOVE them.
They are adorable! 
The backs and heels are a faux suede. The polka dot is a light chiffon fabric over mesh.
Kayla. HOT!
Faux Snakeskin

So, how does SS compare? So far, I am a BIG fan! I love both pairs as much as I thought I would and neither have any defects. I was definitely nervous about Kayla. After buying pump after pump from SD, I've come to expect "elf toe", "nippling", and "cellulite" on the toes. It's sad but true. However, the quality on these is amazing! There is none of the problems that are seen on SD. Which, in turn, means no more having to deal with exchanges. No reboxing and driving to UPS. No waiting a week or more for your credit to be available. No having your shoe sell out while waiting for your credit. And most of all no more disappointment when you get home and open your new purchase!

In my opinion, it's worth the extra $10 if you can afford it and I didn't even get ones that are real leather. The Karla is unique and fashion forward IMO and the Karla is a great sexy, but still basic pump. I can see both of these getting a lot of wear since they seem very comfy for the heel height.

As far as CS, I haven't really had to deal with them yet since both were great. I did send one email and got a somewhat sloppy response (bad grammar which drives me crazy when from a company). However, when I mentioned it on FB, a CS rep immediately messaged me asking me to forward the email so they could handle the problem. I also got a PM the next day from the director of member care apologizing and explaining things. All this, for something that was so minor, was very impressive.

I also LOVE that their FB reps actually seems to take the time to read what they are responding to. There's nothing worse IMO, than form responses that dance around the question without actually addressing people's questions. So far, they have been quick to help and actually respond with the answers needed.

Ok, so that was REALLY long winded, but hopefully it helps those of you that are hesitant about joining. It can't hurt to try it. There's no cost to sign up, but read the FAQs if you've never done a "of the month" club so that you understand how it works, most importantly the skipping by the 5th after your first purchase. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

AND, if you are considering signing up, PLEASE use my referral link so that I can get points towards a free item. 

You can also use promo code SS10 for $10 off your order right now. Not sure when it expires, but great deal!


  1. I am 100% with you on every single thing you said in this post. You know what SS also means for you? NO MORE SHOE STRESS! That is the most important thing. It's what all the trips to UPS, elf toes, and basically SD in general has done to us!

    I should have Anouk in a few days. I also ending up getting Kayla in snakeskin as well. I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted her but after seeing your pictures I can't wait! <3

  2. Great review. I ordered the same shoes as you and can't wait until they get here. I do think they have unique styles and agree with you about the FB responses not being "form responses", to me, that is refreshing!

  3. Lemme know how Anouk is. She was sold out, but is back in stock now so I'm considering her in the orange. Although the blue is pretty too, I just have too much blue already.

    And yes Diana! It may seem like a little thing, but form responses make me crazy! Hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

  4. Great review! I could not agree with you more, yes SD has great customer service but when buying a product whether it is $1,10,20,40,or 50 dollars you expect no flaws and NO headache that comes with A LOT of SD shoes! I have yet to order anything from JF but am looking forward to doing so.

    I think I may be ordering Kayla in snake skin & Yvette! I can't wait :D

  5. Great review!! I ordered Coco and a grey open-toe pump, that I cannot remember the name of at the moment, coming next week. I only discovered shoe clubs 2 months ago, but I love them. I'm still and SD fan, but I'm always open to new shoe sources. ;-) Your shoes are adorable, and I keep telling myself not to buy another pair right now, but Karla is calling my name.

  6. ...and this morning I cannot type. Please ignore the grammar and spelling errors. ;-)

  7. Thank you for writing this review! I loved it; it was very thorough, informative, candid, and didn't appear to be motivated by trying to sell me something... which is good for me because I'm already a member of Sole Society and have ordered 3 shoes for this month! Karla, Analisa in champagne, and Gabriela. :-)

    Also, I love your photos. They came out very clear and show explicit detail of the beautiful shoes! THANK YOU for taking them with an ACTUAL camera and not with a phone camera. Shoe pics taken with phone cameras make me SMH. LOL ;-)

    Now I'm even more excited to receive my SS orders! And even more so about not having to deal with shoe defects!! I love SD, I really do, but I'm losing faith in their quality; it's a pure gamble with them. I still love SD's styles more than SS, JF, and SP, but I'm excited to be in a shoe club where I won't have to deal with that! Yay!

    Also, I am SOOO with you on the little things, such as proper grammar in emails from companies and receiving comment responses that are personalized to your question, mattering and making an impression on you. Those definitely influence my judgement of a company, too!

    I love this shoe club already, and I can't wait to see what will be waiting for me in my closet next month!

  8. Thanks Ileana! Glad it helped. I'm definitely about the little things making a difference! I just placed an order for my 4th pair! lol So yeah I'm excited. LOL at the no cell phone pics. You should see how ridiculous I look leaned over taking a pic of my own feet, then rotating it. haha All for helping others out.

    SP never appealed to me at all. And sadly SD is not getting any better no matter how many claims they make about their QC dept. I've been with them since almost the beginning, with a brief period where I canceled. But, the more people keep defects, the more they'll keep putting them out there. :( I'll def buy from them with my LS credits though! But I'm def willing to spend the extra money at SS.

    Hope you love your shoes when you get them! And can't wait to see pics!

  9. We must have a similar style! So far I've ordered the snakeskin Kaylas, the Karlas, and the Yvettes (faux leather wedge). I agree with everything you said in your post - I've also found my shoes to be surprisingly comfortable. There's also a new $10 off code - Spring10.

    Great review!


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