Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Minchkin

As many of you know, we're expecting our first baby in March. If you don't know, here's our announcement. :D I love how it turned out, but realized I never posted it on my blog. Probably because I never really remember that I have a blog. (Worst blogger ever award goes to me for sure)

This Friday, we get to find out what we're having. My friend has the results and is planning a mini reveal for when Josh gets into town. His parents will be visiting too so we can all find out together.

Josh said I should put together a little poll and I was just going to do it on FB, but then realized that it'd be harder to go back to and find later.

So, to help you in your guess, I found this picture on Pinterest and will answer them all:

1. The baby's heartbeat has been between 150-160 each time.
2. I've been craving sweets. Fruit roll ups especially.
3. Wouldn't really call it morning sickness, more nighttime, but yeah definitely been sick.
4. haha Well, as Josh said, the moodiness isn't pregnancy related and just normal. Thanks dear. Definitely been more emotional though!
4. My skin is usually pretty dry so hard to say. I use lotion all the time and that hasn't really changed.
5. I sleep on my right side, but when I'm lounging around, I'm on my left side.
6. Yes more headaches. But that could also be from lack of caffeine since I cut back so much and from stress.

And while it's not on the list, the few dreams I've had where I could tell a gender, it was a boy. We were also bored one day and tried like 10 different Chinese calendar sites. About 8 out of 10 said girl.

Soo....make your guess!! And come back this weekend to see if you were right! We'll definitely be happy either way and we plan to have more than 1 baby eventually so hopefully we'll end up with one of each at some point. lol We're the last chance to keep the Mincher name going so there's the pressure for a boy. But I'm totally girly so people totally see me having a girl.

What Gender do you think the baby will be?

How many pairs of shoes do you think the baby will have before it's even born?

And feel free to add baby name suggestions in the comments! Give us some ideas! I couldn't get that part of the poll to work right.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dream Closet

I finally got around to posting pics of my closet. It's still a work in progress, but it's most of the way done. This was my Bday/Christmas/Anniversary/etc gift from my awesome hubby. We bought all of the shelving and wardrobes from Ikea because they have great options for customizing your space.

 Here's the view walking in. I originally wanted to do it all in black and pink, but my mom and husband thought blue would look better on the walls. So, I went with pink, blue, purple as my color scheme.
To the left when you walk in, the room has a long closet that goes along the whole wall. I decided to use that space for my shoe collection. I need to do some rearranging still since I have more colored shoes than neutrals, but I'll worry about that later. I used the Besta bookcases in 2 different sizes so that I'd get the best fit. I keep one shoe behind the other since the shelves are deep enough to give me more space. I love the Besta line since you can buy more shelves to get the perfect spacing.
This is my fave shelf. It includes my Iron Fist shoes. They are definitely my favorite brand. I feel like I'm wearing art when I wear them. There's a few that aren't over in the closet yet, so I may need to expand to more shelves for them.
Here's the start of my neutrals. I don't have as many as I thought though so I think I'm going to try to condense them into 2 shelves so I have more room for the rest.
The top shelf is my booties, then it goes to heels/platforms, then to wedges, and then flats at the bottom on each shelving unit.
My husband took a scrap piece of wood, sprayed it pink, and added some hooks for hanging some of my longer necklaces.
I got this ottoman set from Target on sale during Black Friday. It has storage inside for my tennis shoes. It also came with 2 smaller ottomans that I keep by the island. The throw pillows are all from Ross.
View from seating area. The chandelier is from The island was made by putting 2 of the small Expedit units on their side and topping it with a glass table top (also from Ikea but can't remember the name of it)
Another ottoman we used to have in our living room and more pillows.
My awesome shoe calendar.
Marilyn pic I bought years ago at Ross.
When I originally saw this table top at Ikea, it was on a white table so when I bought it I realized it wouldn't show the glass design at all. I went to Joann's and just bought some pink fabric to go under it.
I keep most of my jewelry on the top of that in pretty colored glass bowls. I got them from Ross, Ikea, and one from an antique store. The metal jewelry holders were from I think.
More bracelets and earrings.
I need to work on the shelving in the island still. Totally unorganized, dusty, and messy. lol
Yeah, messy on both sides :( Work in progress.
I saw this idea on Pinterest forever ago and had to use it. I bought cheap shower curtain hooks for hanging my purses. They were about $2 for 12 from Walmart. I used the 1/2 size ones for the smaller purses.
And then the full circle ones for my larger bags. I love how organized it keeps them. Only problem is, they aren't all over here yet so no idea where I'll put the rest.
We added some drawers for smaller things like winter gear, sandals, purses that I can't hang, etc
I put mirrored doors on each end. It makes the room seem bigger and it hides some of the hanging stuff. The corner area is for my dresses, then sweatshirts are to the left on top, and skirts on bottom. There's also a pull out rack for scarves/belts. My boots are in the bottom space under my dresses since I ran out of room. lol
The wardrobe is all from the Pax collection. Top corner is my dressier/nicer tops on top, and cardigans/sweaters on bottom, then to the right: tshirts on top, skirts on bottom.
View from the clothing area.
Added another mirror in the middle since I found this on sale on Groupon deals. They also have them on Overstock and Amazon for a bit more. Perfect for more jewelry.

So that's it so far! I need to play around a bit more with my shoe layout since they aren't all moved over yet and I'm out of room. Need to go through and sell some I suppose. Also need to work on the storage areas in the island. Those are a mess right now. No idea what I'll use the shelves above and below the hanging for yet, but they made the space seem more complete once I added them. I love this room and just like to go sit it in sometimes. lol I never thought I'd actually get a closet room even though I've always dreamed about it.
Images by Freepik