Friday, November 26, 2010

Quick favors

The night before Thanksgiving (well actually around 4am on Thanksgiving lol) I couldn't sleep so I decided to throw together some favors for the next day. I ran to Walmart and grabbed some candy. Then I got to work.

I decided to make the sour cream containers since the don't require a lot of work and I had all the materials on hand. All you really need is some cute paper for whatever event you are going to and a paper crimper. I decided to add tags and ribbon too, but they look cute w/o them too.

Close ups. 
I used the Day of Gratitude stamp set for the tags. I love the leaf designs from this set. I actually originally bought my paper crimper just for this project about a year ago. I popped the tags up with a dimensional.

The paper is cut at 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 so you can get 4 containers out of 1 8 1/2 by 11 piece of cardstock.

Monday, November 22, 2010

JewelMint review

So I've been a member of shoe/purse of the month clubs for awhile now, but recently, a jewelry club popped up too. It's the same concept as JustFabulous and ShoeDazzle. At the beginning of the month, they send you selections based on your style (they do a style quiz when you sign up). You can skip the month if you see nothing you like. The items are $29.99 each and there is free shipping/exchanges.

One thing I like about the showroom is that you can add more items by choosing the see more option. From there, you can click "like" if you want to see it in your showroom.

I finally decided to make a purchase because they were having a BOGO event. For every item I purchased, I will get a credit on Dec 1st. So that makes each item only $15 shipped.  I figured I had nothing to lose at that price. My first selections were the Poseidon Disc necklace and the Pearl Bouquet ring. I got both today and I love them.
Love the packaging! Definitely ready to be given as a gift.
Pearl Bouquet ring. Soo pretty. And really good quality. Their rings come in 3 sizes (6, 7, 8). 
Poseidon Disc necklace
Here's the ring on. It's the perfect statement ring. Good size w/o being overwhelming. (Notice I'm hiding my need for a manicure!) 
Close up of the pendant. Really hard to get a good pic. 
Back of the pendant is engraved with the Jewelmint logo
Here it on. (Excuse my no makeup/slobbiness, I've been cleaning all day.) It's a really long necklace, but you can wear it shorter.  

Overall, I love the items. They seem to be good, heavy quality. Don't feel cheap. And they look just like they photographed on the website. I don't see having a problem using my 2 credits in December.

Shipping was relatively quick, I order on Wednesday and got them on Monday. It is Fedex smartpost since it's free which means Fedex delivers it to the post office who then delivers it in your mail., But, I'm only a state away so I got it quickly. People on the east coast will prob have a longer delivery time. 

One thing I REALLY wish they had, was a color option. There's many items that I'd buy if they were in silver rather than gold. I am really pale so I don't look good in gold but it seems there is more gold than not. I would love the Poseidon necklace soo much more if it wasn't bronze. But it will probably end up being a gift. There's a pair of pink drop earrings that I love, but since they are gold, I won't buy them.

There are a few things that I think they could improve. They are a very new company though so I'm sure some thing will improve. The website is the biggest thing I think could easily be improved. The zoom option doesn't appear to actually zoom. It brings up the picture, but it's about the same size or smaller. I'd love to be able to really zoom in to see the details since it's jewelry. I also wish the order history actually showed the date you ordered. Right now it just shows the status of the item. Also, if you buy 2 items at the same time, they both ship together (which I prefer), however, I think they should include the tracking # on both items to avoid any confusion.

I also think they should add a FAQS page. All I see in the How It Works section is videos and most people don't have time to pay attn to those or can't if they are working. Would be much easier to have an area that lists the info. 

Another big thing is referrals. Unfortunately, you can only refer by sending an email. :( Having a link would be so much more beneficial since you can post it anywhere. But, you also get 1 credit per referral (if they purchase) so that is a great bonus. 

If anyone is interested in becoming a member, please send me your email address so that I can get a credit. You can become a member w/o having to buy anything. :) They also don't ask for your credit card # until you make your first purchase.
Images by Freepik