Monday, November 17, 2014

Custom Nursery Letters Airplane Theme

Since moving to Tx 2 years ago, I've barely done any crafts. I never really got around to unpacking my craft room and rarely had the time/energy with having a new baby and then getting pregnant again. So, when my friend, Tiffany, asked if I could make a set of letters for her new baby's room, I was excited for the excuse to finally break out the supplies.

I made her daughter's nursery letters 3 years ago so I was honored she asked me to make them again. These were her daughter's.

This time, she was having a boy and the theme was airplanes. Soo adorable right?! She sent a picture of the bedding and I went to work looking for paper/embellishments. Well, apparently airplane stuff is not easy to find in scrapbooking supplies unless it's military related or travel related. They were going for more of a vintage airplane theme. I even tried online stores with no luck. Then I randomly decided to check Etsy since I was already on there shopping for baby stuff.

I came across the perfect paper on Etsy! The colors were a match for the bedding and they had vintage airplanes. This is the paper pack I bought. It's from DewDropsDigital. It's a digital paper pack so I had to find somewhere to get it printed. I can't remember the site I ordered the paper from, but I wouldn't recommend them. The solid pages came out streaky and the quality wasn't great. I solved that problem by distressing the letters and covering any flaws with embellishments.

I was kinda worried that I could make it work since it was so difficult finding things to fit the theme, but after getting started, I think I was able to pull it all together. Here's the letters hanging in his adorable airplane nursery.

Closeup of them hanging

I kept the letters with the airplane paper very simple so I didn't take away from the print. I just added a few rub ons. On the solids and the stripe, I added some metal airplanes, twine, and dimensionals stickers with a baby/nursery theme. Hopefully they love them! I was so happy to get my mod podge out again and I need to find more time to get in there and make things.

Ruffle lamps

When we first found out we were having a girl, I started pinning cute nursery ideas like crazy. I originally planned on pink and blue for her room and came across these adorable DIY lamps at Ginger Snap Crafts. I pinned them and, like most things on Pinterest, I forgot about them.

When I couldn't find any inexpensive lamps that matched in her room, I remembered those cute ruffle lamps and set out to Big Lots to see if they had some simple lamps like I got for Ethan's nursery. Luckily, it was back to school time so they had all their dorm room stuff out. We got both for $24 since I had a 20% off coupon.


Then I went to hobby lobby for the ribbon. They were 50% off so $2 per color. I started with a roll each of hot pink, purple, and white. Then we just got to work with a glue gun.

After looking at it for a few days, I decided it was too much white in the middle. Since I couldn't start over, I ran out and got a light pink to add. It's kinda squeezed in since there wasn't space left, but I think it looks more complete with the white being separated. 

Here's a pic with them on. Love how they turned out. They're bright and girly. And for $22 per lamp ($30 + $8 in ribbon + $6 in hot glue) they were much more affordable than any other options I saw. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Toddlers are unpredictable

Ethan woke up this morning about an hour earlier than usual. I think it was too cold upstairs (Texas fall weather is just as unpredictable). He did not wake up happy. It was a chore just getting him downstairs for breakfast. None of the usual tricks were cheering him up and he ended up making a huge mess of his meal.

I tried just about every toy, his fave animal sound video, motorcycle videos, music and dancing, but he was having none of it. I almost decided to skip meeting Josh for lunch for Veterans Day. 

Then, just like that, he was back to sweet toddler. So I got them both dressed and into the car. He was great at lunch eating like a champ. We got home and played some more and he was still good.

Then came the absolute adorableness. I took him up for his nap and since Emma was happy in her swing (rare at naptime), I took the time to lay in the lounger with him first. He pulled open my cardigan so he could snuggle in close to me. Then he gave me sweet pats on my arm and back while "singing" to me. He was going ahh ahh ahh softly in time with the music. 

It was the sweetest thing ever and totally made up for the terror he was all morning. I swear this kid knows how to make me forget about how bad he can behave sometimes. He's totally a sour patch kid: first he's sour, then he's cute.

Images by Freepik