Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cutest Baby shower invites EVER!

Me and a friend are planning another friend's baby shower. This is the first one I've planned and so far it's been a ton of fun! She's having a little girl and doing a jungle theme. After looking around at shower invites and seeing how boring they were, I decided we should just make them because well, it's way more fun and soo much cuter.

We got together the other night and designed what has become my fave card so far. This card was somewhat hard for me because the mom to be isn't very into pink and these are for a baby girl, and I LOVE pink so it was super difficult to not just make the pinkest, girly card. I think we did a good job of toning down the pink, incorporating the theme, but still adding a small touch of pink/girlyness with the flowers and ruffly ribbon.

Here are the 3 variations in colors since we only had so much of each color paper.
I seriously LOVE them! We were giggling while putting the flowers on since they were so cute.
The inside has a cute giraffe stamp in the corner.
 And to finish it off we stamped the envelope with a lion :)
Originally we were going to do 1/2 monkeys and 1/2 giraffes, but the monkey was too cute so we ended up making more monkeys. Here's the giraffe though and since we'd already cut 14 of them, we found a new way to incorporate them into the shower decor. It's going to be super cute of course, but can't say yet in case the mom reads this. :)


  1. These are the cutest baby invites Ive ever seen! Just adorable, you really out did yourself. Love the ribbon!!

  2. Hahaha, I AM reading this.. so thanks for not giving away anything!! I just wanted to see what you posted, really glad it's not too revealing!! Can't wait to see what else you girls have creatively crafted!! :)

  3. Oh, and I agree you did an excellent job incorporating pink into it. Just the right touch for someone like me who isn't all that into pink. :)


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