Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoe comparison

When I joined Sole Society, I noticed right away that the Anouk shoe looks identical to the Steve Madden Haylow which I have in the gold glitter. So I decided to buy them to compare and, well, because I LOVED the coral color.

Rather than flood the FB wall with a bunch of pics of the 2 side by side, I decided to just do a quick blog post comparing them for anyone that's interested since the SM ones were brought up a few times.

The SM's run anywhere from $70-$95 depending on material. The glitter ones are more expensive than the patent and satin ones. The SS's run $50 or $40 if you buy before 3/31 and use promo code SS10.

Here's a side by side of both. Very similar. Small differences are that SS has elastic on both sides and SM has elastic on just the inner side. Not sure which I prefer. On one hand, it's nice to not see it on the outer part of the shoe, but on the other hand, having it on both sides makes it easier to get into. The platform is also more angled in the SS one than the SM's.
Back view. The SS is slightly higher and at more of an angle than the SM's
Top view. This is where I like the SS ones more. The straps are thinner and more delicate. I also like the more rounded toe on the SS.
Anouk on. 
SM on. The straps fit a little looser on the SMs
Top of Anouk on. The straps are a little loose around the toes, especially when just standing still. Don't think it will be a problem though.
SM's on. These fit better in the toes than the SS. 

Overall, they are both great shoes. The SS fit TTS. With the SM's, I went up a size because SM usually fits me small. I'd have been fine w/ only 1/2 size up I think but they didn't have my size in stock when I got them. If you like the color or would rather save the money, go with the SS Anouk since they give the same look. I can't decide which I like better. I love both colors equally, but since the SM are glitter and the SS are fuax suede, it's hard to compare since they are so different. I do like the toe shape and straps better on the SS, but the SM's are more fitted in the toes. The SS also have a type of fabric bottom which is interesting and I've never seen before.

Hope this post helps! If it does, and you haven't signed up for SS yet, please sign up through my referral link: After signing up, or if you are already a member, here's the direct link for SS Anouk (And don't forget SS10 for $10 off before 3/31)They come in the coral I showed and a really pretty royal blue. The SM's can be found on and, as well as a few other shoe sites. Let me know if you have any questions. :)


  1. I love them! Thanks for posting Haylow for me! :)

  2. I love both of them too!! My normal size fits perfect in the SM.. totally been checking out the gold ones too! I would have bought Anouk for sure if I didn't get the Haylow as a gift :) Thanks for the post Crystal!

  3. Love!!! Great post/comparison Crystal!!:)

  4. Awesome post again! I like both shoes, too. I love T-strap shoes!

    Charlotte Russe also sells this style, except they are satin instead of glitter or suede. They come in pink, blue, and black. I have them in blue, and I love them! I want to get them in pink, too. CR is selling them for $32.50, quite a bit cheaper than SS and SM. Here's the link if anyone's interested:

  5. OMG that pink! LOVE them! I wish I had some spare money. I've spent way too much this month already. Maybe if my ebay stuff sells. lol

    Target also has a pair of this style in gold glitter and a blush patent. I ordered them, but they are currently a pre-order so not sure when I'll get them. I love t-straps too and at the time, I wasn't sure if the SM's would fit so I went ahead and ordered the gold again. They heel on the Target ones def looks shorter though. It says 4 in but in pics it doesn't look that high. They are the Mossimo Black if anyone wants to look them up. Just can't review since I don't have them yet.


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