Friday, October 4, 2013

More baby led weaning

Since Mini Minch has been doing so good with the BLW, we've even adding a ton of new foods. We rarely need I make something separate for him now and just pull out his portion before we salt ours.

We haven't been doing the 2-3 day wait for new foods anymore. After a month, so far he hasn't had a reaction *knock on wood* and we have no history of allergies. This means we've been giving him more than one food at meals making it a bit more fun for him. 

Here's some new things we've tried: 

Part of a bagel. Make sure that any bread you give is toasted to minimize choking risk. He loved it and it's one if the first things he's really eaten completely without dropping any. He definitely scared me while eating it because he would put the whole piece in his mouth. He didn't gag at all though surprisingly.

Next day he chowed down on an apple. I just ate a bite all the way around so he could dig in. 

We also decided to give him his first taste of ice cream later that day. They ice cream truck just happened to go by so we had to grab something. He only got a few tastes, but seemed to be a fan. 
He's been waiting to try this since right around 4.5 months when he tried steal some. 

Since he's been doing so great with eating and hasn't had any allergic reactions, we finally feel comfortable introducing multiple items at once and giving him a few things together. His first chance was breakfast. We gave him a small amount of everything we were having (minus the bacon).

 The pancakes seemed to be his fave.
Eating some chicken. We made pad Thai so I just pulled out a few pieces before throwing it in the sauce.

This time he just ate exactly what we had. Mississippi roast, cauliflower mash, and broccoli. The broccoli was the first thing that's really given him some trouble. He gagged quite a bit on it and once he coughed it out he wanted nothing to do with it. So, we'll wait awhile before we give him that again. He LOVED the cauliflower mash though. 
As you can see he gets mad when he doesn't have anymore food. lol 

This day we planned on letting him feed himself an organic Sprouts packet. He's like them in the past and does a pretty good (yet messy) job of it. Yeah...well he wanted NOTHING to do with it. He saw our food and gave us a look like "are you kidding me?! I'm not eating this mush while you eat meatballs!". So, he got meatballs and baked beans with us. He ate them like a champ and was NOT happy when they were gone. 
 Trying to get the beans in his mouth.
 Nom nom
He also got to try some chicken, turkey, and brisket at dinner the other night. I just took a bit off my plate before adding the BBQ sauce, that way he wouldn't get TOO dirty at the restaurant.

I'm sure there's a few others I'm missing, but these are the majority of them. We're still LOVING BLW. And it's a good thing since apparently he has no interest in even the packets now. He is actually eating a majority of it now and is always wanting more. And (TMI), but you can definitely tell that he's eating real food now. The diapers have definitely changed and they stink! lol It's time to get a 2nd diaper genie for downstairs now I think.

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