Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Growing up

As we're getting ready to welcome out baby girl into this world (a little over 4 weeks!!), we've been reflecting on how much has changed in the last year and a half. It's hard to believe E was just a little baby so recently when he seems so grown up now. On one hand, it feels like we just had him, but on the other I can't even picture our lives without him.

He's always been in a hurry to get out of each baby stage. He was over his swing/bouncer by about 2.5 months, started crawling early, and quickly swapped to walking. He's always trying to grow up too fast for us. There are only about 2 things he does that are "baby" like: snuggling with his teddy bear and wanting to hold our hands when walking. He is soo happy when he gets to hold both mine and J's hands and will walk with his little hand outstretched until he has us both. It's the cutest thing ever. He's fearless and confident the rest of the time always in a rush to try new things and push himself.

The everyday things that E does constantly surprise me. It's amazing how much kids learn and change in such a short amount of time. Our morning starts out with him (usually) happily babbling and talking to his teddy bear, then downstairs for breakfast. In the last week he's added his first "chore" because he'll feed the dog while I make him breakfast. Then we have play time until lunch/nap. E loves to pull every toy out normally, so we've started a system where we have things organized by type and he can't pull out more until we put the other away. The first few weeks were rough since he didn't understand really, but in the last week, he's already starting to help me put the toys away. Don't get me wrong, he's still a toddler so it's far from perfect. Some days there's still toys everywhere, but it's a work in progress and I'm trying to teach him good habits now.

When he's hungry, instead of just getting crabby, he now says "unch" for lunch (doesn't matter what meal lol) and heads to the gate at the kitchen. He's still eating pretty good, but goes through stages now we're he won't eat much. I think it has to do with teething since he's getting a ton of teeth lately. When it's time for bed, we say ready for bed and he heads up the stairs to the bathroom (for vitamins and teeth brushing). When he wants to go outside, he brings us his shoes and says bye bye. Now if he could only learn to listen when I saw "no"...

It's so weird to really be communicating with him. All his new words are adorable and his understanding of us is incredible. It's so cool to see someone who a little over a year ago couldn't do anything on his own become so smart and independent. I can't wait to see how he handles having a baby sister. And hopefully she isn't in as big of a rush to grow up as he is. Since she'll likely be our last, she needs to take her time.

Feeding Zuker

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