Monday, February 9, 2015

Frazzled mama

Anyone that knows me, knows I love babywearing. It's a great way to get things done around the house and run errands while keeping the little one close and happy. I've always known it makes things easier and keeps the babies happy. But until today, I didn't realize just how much it makes a difference for me and keeps me a calm mama who feels in control.

I had a drs appt today so I had to figure out where to put the kiddos during the appt since I couldn't exactly wear them when they're doing my checkup. We don't have a double stroller since our single stroller is almost never used anyway. With just one kiddo, it was always easy, use the stroller. Well, with 2 under 2, I felt so stuck because Emma can't sit up yet and Ethan won't sit still for that long. I ended up putting Emma in her carseat snapped into the stroller and wore Ethan in since it was a bit of a walk and on the 5th floor. Then once I got inside, I swapped him to the stroller and kept her in the carseat on the ground. It worked ok, but it was such a pain pushing the stroller around and carrying her seat and then trying to fit them both in the room with me.

I totally felt like that mom that doesn't have her Sh!t together. lol I was a frazzled mess trying to keep them both happy and distracted. I had to take Emma in and out of her carseat a few times so she could nurse. Yup, another HUGE benefit to wearing means I can feed her while I do what I need to. I hated feeling like this mom who had no idea how to keep things together. Both kiddos were cranky and on the verge of meltdowns.

To make up for it, I decided to try tandem babywearing for the first time. Ahh, it felt so much better to have my kiddos close to me and I had my hands free to do whatever I needed. No needing to take her out of the seat, no needing to distract him with toys, no pushing a stroller while carrying a carseat. Just me and my babies nice and relaxed. We took a little walk through the neighborhood pointing out all the things we saw along the way and I finally felt calm again. 

My happy place

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