Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Play Makeup for Toddlers

For the past 4 months, I have slowly KonMari-ing my belongings. Which means I have a lot of excess I'm getting rid of. While doing my makeup, I thought of how wasteful it was to just throw it all away. That's when I remembered that I pinned this cute idea about a year ago. My toddler loves to get into everyone's makeup bag and pull out everything while making a huge mess. So, I decided to make her a makeup bag of her own.

I have a ridiculous amount of cute makeup bags courtesy of an old IPSY subscription. I also had a few makeup brushes from samples that didn't work for me. Everything used was something I already had and planned to discard.

First, I took a few old eyeshadows out of my discard pile. I used a nail file to scrape out the shadow and used a makeup remover cloth to get any small bits left.

Then, I picked some colors from my nail polish discard pile. I ended up swapping the bright pink for 2 others since I couldn't get the cap off. 

Then, simply pour the nail polish into the empty pots. For some I used 2 colors mixed to get the color I wanted. I left them open in front of a fan on low overnight to dry. They take awhile to dry since it's a thick coat of polish. She ended up with a foundation, blush, sparkly lipgloss, and 2 eyeshadows.

I gave it to her this morning and she LOVED it. She immediately asked for me to open them and went to putting on her makeup. She sees me, her aunts, and her Mimi put it on all the time so she loved getting to feel like one of the girls.

She ended up playing with them almost all day and night. Everyone that was near her got a makeover. Puppies, stuffed animals, and big brother included. 

So if you have any old makeup products, this is a super quick, easy, and free project to throw together. It only took me about 10 min to do (minus dry time) and has already provided hours of fun for my sweet girl. 

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