Sunday, February 17, 2013

Glider recover

As I mentioned in the last post, because of our unique colors in the nursery, it's been hard to find things to match. Finding a glider that would work has not been easy. Since the furniture is white, it already narrowed out quite a bit, but then all the white ones we found had tan, brown, or pastel cushions. There is no brown at all in our fabric so it would have completely stood out in the room. I found this one on and thought it would be perfect since it looked like grey cushions. But, I found other pics on other sites and it looked more taupe. The info on their website doesn't specify a color and when I contacted their CS, they couldn't give me any more info. So, it was either spend the money to see it in person, which meant paying shipping costs to me ($30), waiting for a few weeks to get it, then possibly having to pay to return ship it.

That all seemed like a huge hassle. If Target would have been able to verify that it was grey, I'd have ordered it right away, but I was pretty disappointed that they weren't able to check something like that on a large purchase. The only other grey options were the $500-$1000 ones at Babies R Us and there was no way we were spending that kind of money.

So...we started checking Craigslist hoping to find something that work. Again, not much luck...everything was brown, tan, or ugly denim. Then, I found one that was a white base and looked like it'd already been recovered. So it got me looking on website for recovering a glider. We've never done this before, but figured for only $50 for the glider, it was worth trying. We went to check it out and it was in really good condition.

Here's the fabric that was on it though...yeah definitely would NOT work for us.

But, once we got it home, we realized that whoever recovered it before had just made slipcovers for it. So, that made me think that I could take those off and ship them to my mom to use as a pattern. Luckily, she offered to do it, even with all the other work in the nursery she'd been doing. So, we went off to Joanns to look for some fabric. I found some great grey fabric and it was on clearance. Grabbed a seam ripper and pulled off the butterfly fabric.

Here's what was underneath. YIKES! Why, oh why, are there so many denim gliders made?!

We shipped off the fabric and the slipcovers to my mom and I sent her some pics to show how it all looked and a few weeks later, she sent me back grey slipcovers! Lucky for me, my mom is amazing, and they fit PERFECTLY! She used velcro on the ends of each piece since she wouldn't be here to sew it shut for us. Then we took off the ottoman part and grabbed the staple gun and recovered that part. Pretty easy to do. Here is the new and improved grey glider.

Looks soo much better and for only $50 for the set, about $20 in fabric, and about $20 in shipping, we have a great glider that matches for $90! About 1/3 of what the new one would have cost that we weren't sure would even work. Plus this glider is nicer than that one since you can turn the gliding option off if you don't want it to move.

Added one of the small robot pillows my mom made. Love the pop of color/robots with the grey.

Dad to be testing it out...definitely comfy.

Nursery is *almost* complete! Just waiting on one more package from my amazing mom to add the finishing touches. Then I'll be posting a room tour. So excited! Exactly 2 more weeks til little man's due date!!!!

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  1. I am soo happy it turned out ok...sewing "blind",I wasnt sure how it would work out!Getting the pkg. out tomorrow as no post office open today!Soon we will be seeing Josh in that chair with a lil guy on his shoulder!!


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