Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Robot lamps!

While finishing up the nursery for our, super soon to arrive, baby boy, we thought we'd like some lamps for when we don't want it so bright in there. Since our theme is somewhat unique (robots) and the colors aren't the norm for a nursery (brights instead of pastels), it's made finding reasonably priced/cute items difficult. I did find an extremely cute lamp at Target that has robots. How adorable is this?!?! But while I love it, the colors are a little too light to really work. AND, well, it's $65 for ONE lamp! No way could I justify spending that much money on a lamp, no matter how cute!
 So, while shopping at Big Lots for storage, I found some square shaped lamps that were simple and only $15 with a nice silver base which would go great with the grey/white. Problem?? They had PINK shades. :(
 But, since they were only $15 and I liked the shape/base, I figured I could maybe do something to them. The fact that they were square meant it would be super easy to cover. So off to Joanns to look for fabric. I didn't want to do the same fabric as the rest of the room since I was worried it would be too much. So when I found this really cute robot head fabric that has many of the same colors as the bedding, I snatched it up!
 Then grabbed some fabric mod podge to adhere it. I love mod podge for paper so hoped it would be just as great for fabric. I used my 40% off on it
 Grabbed the hubby when I got home to have him help out since an extra 2 hands were nice to have to make sure we got a smooth application and were able to pull the fabric tight enough. We applied a thin layer of mod podge one side at a time, smoothing it out and then using clothespins to hold the ends in place until it dried.
 We let it sit for 2 hours based on the mod podge directions. Then we got to work on the tops. I cut a slit down the middle of each inside seam to fit around the lamp and then cut into each corner to make it easy to square off and lay flat. Then same thing...mod podge and clothespins.
 We let that sit overnight and did the bottom half the next day. Then took off all the clothespins, popped them back on to the base, and sat back to enjoy how cute they turned out!
 LOVE them! For less than $45 in supplies we were able to get TWO custom lamps with adorable fabric that coordinates with our nursery bedding. The mod podge worked great. I'm so glad I didn't settle with ones that were more expensive or too plain.


  1. They are so cute good job Crystal!

  2. awww.....perfect for a lil boy!!!!Great job,Lucy!!!!!!"I specks maw couldnt done no better!"


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