Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Robot stereo

So excited! My husband's big project for our little guy's robot room is finally finished! We were originally just planning to buy a simple iPod dock so we could stream lullaby music at night, but we couldn't find any we liked that didn't look funny in a baby's room.

After spending a few days looking, Josh thought maybe he could build a robot that he could turn into a dock. It started with a simple sketch by his co-worker and morphed from there.

With the help of some co-workers, they built an amazing stereo that will look awesome in his room now and will continue to look awesome as he grows up. I LOVE how it turned out!

Love all the little details it has. Lots of time and love went in to this project. I'm so glad it was finished in time for Christmas. Ethan may not be old enough to really understand Christmas yet, but I hope he loves this for a long time. I can't believe he was able to make this!

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