Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sick baby sadness

Well the day (or should I say night?) finally came where we were woken up with a sick baby. Poor little guy caught something and has been so sad the last few days. I'm hoping that he magically wakes up feeling better for Christmas. We've been giving him plenty of fluids and nursing him often to keep him hydrated. Some moments he's his normal, happy self just running around and playing. Other times, he's got a super sad cry that just breaks my heart.

I have to say having a sick baby has definitely been one of the hardest parts about being a mom. All I want to do is make him better and I can't. It doesn't help that I also was sick so it's been hard to hold him. While it sucks it happened close to Christmas, it's been a blessing since Josh was home from work and has been able to help take care of us.

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