Friday, March 7, 2014

Testing boundaries

Little man has been testing his boundaries (and my patience) more and more lately. It started small. He'd go to something he knew he shouldn't and would look to see if we were watching before trying to go for it. But now he's getting more bold. When he's doing something he shouldn't, I'll say no-no that's not for babies and redirect him to some toys. But this kid is stubborn! He keeps going back to it over and over no matter what toy I try to get him to play with.

A lot of times he'll smile at me when I say no thinking if he's cute, I'll give in. Sorry kid. But yesterday he was really trying things out to see what he could get away with. After lots of redirection, he decided to go to thing he shouldn't be playing with (the receiver for the TV-he loves to turn up the volume) and rather than actually go for it, he put his hand near it, looked at me and smiled. Then he slowly kept putting his hand closer while watching me. I was like are you serious?! This little 1 yr old is too smart for his own good sometimes.

He's also learning the art of fake crying in the hopes to get what he wants. And tantrum throwing. Heaven help me when the 2s and 3s come. The hardest part is not laughing when he does these things. It takes a lot to keep from giggling because he looks so funny when he is standing there smiling, trying to get away with things. E is definitely a very determined child.

Mean mama wouldn't let him eat paper. Meltdown ensues. Stops when he realizes I'm still not gonna let him eat paper. 

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  1. omigod ,Gramma would be such a pushover for his tactics!!I could not resist his smile or his sad looks!


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