Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boy version

Well I figured I couldn't exactly show up with a gift for my friends daughter and not have something for her little boy too, so I decided to try out a boy one. Almost all the crafts I do are very girly, sparkly, and pink so this was a challenge for me.

I ended up filling them with a box of candy hearts, tootsie pops, and chocolate. They loved them! The little girl carried hers around half the night. :)

This one I had to throw together fairly quick since I was in a hurry. Only had about 20 min total and I'm not that quick with the Cricut yet so that wasn't a lot of time.

I think overall it turned out pretty good for my first boyish project. If I'd had more time to pick out colors and accents, it would have been better. Either way, almost all of these that I've seen have been girly so thought I'd share this one.

The colors showed up a little funny in the pictures. I swear the colors match much better in real life.


  1. Teetle, I love these. I'd actually like to talk to you about ordering one for my neice and nephew for their birthdays... You are so talented!

  2. Thanks! I can definitely make more. I stocked up on the mailboxes since they have so many options for them. I have either pink, red, or white bases.


Images by Freepik