Monday, June 14, 2010

Cricut circle

Did any of you get the email that finally explains the Cricut Circle? It's pretty much what I guessed it was and like I thought, it's WAY overpriced in my opinion. It's a membership based program and you get 4 exclusive cartridges a year. That's really the only major benefit. The other stuff (discounts on for example) are no use to most people since most buy online at other places to save money. It's $275/year or if you do quarterly payments, it's $80/quarter. So much money for what you get. Especially since you don't even know what the cartridges are yet.

Anyone considering signing up?

I'm also not very impressed with the Cricut Lite cartridges that are exclusive to Walmart. The only one I will probably even buy is the Slumber Party one since it has different images than other carts and it's cute. But, again, I think these are overpriced. They only have 50 images and limited extras for layering. But they are $40. I don't even pay that much for brand new regular carts. I think PC is making it really hard for most crafters to be able to keep buying their product. They are releasing too much in one year IMO. Between the cake, gypsy, cricut lite, and cricut circle. And it's all soo expensive!


  1. I got an invitation today to join and my thoughts were just like yours. all they want is more money and for what? a few carts that cost 80.00 on their website anyways and the discounts arent that great, i can order from online suppliers and get a new cart for 40.00. they didnt think this one through all that well.

  2. I'm having a hard time with this. I really want the French Manor cart, but I don't want to spend the money! I think I'd rather use the money towards a gypsy! Plus they only give you 15 days to decide...I hate pressure like that! ;o)

  3. Yeah the time limit is crazy. To expect people to just come up with $275 in 2 weeks?! The crazy thing is, they actually did a focus group on this. A few months back, I was asked to take a survey about it and what I thought. And I remember at the time, the prices were high. They asked what I'd be willing to spend and I picked none of their offered price points.

    I think they are alienating a lot of loyal customers with this. For the amount of money we spend already on carts, this should be more of a bonus type thing.

    Liz~I'd def put the money towards a gypsy instead. I plan to make a post about the first time using mine in a day or 2. I was one of the biggest skeptics, thinking I would not like it/never use it, but oh man, I'm so glad I bought it! Made things soo much easier and saved a lot of paper that would have otherwise been wasted. Check back at the end of the week for that post.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the price was insane! I was reading through it and thought it sounded pretty cool, but not for that price! I do love the "Meow" Cricut Lite cartridge. I think I've bought all of my cartridges on eBay (or on sale at Michael's). Full price is just too much! I've also learned that if you wait a month or two after they are released, the price goes wayyy down on eBay.

  5. So I found the only 2 cricut lite carts that I wanted on craigslist for only $30. Still a little more than I'd normally spend on such a small amount of content, but I really wanted the Slumber Party one and the Celebrate with Flourish for the Halloween carts.

    Yeah, I rarely buy carts until a few months go by. The only ones I really had to have right away were Forever Young, Create-a-Critter, and Mini Monsters.


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