Friday, June 4, 2010


I have been eying the Cricut gypsy for awhile not but could never justify the cost since I'm not sure I'll love it. Well, with the new updates, it can do so much more than when it first came out and after watching some fellow bloggers videos, it's made me want one more. But, again, they are pricey. I got lucky though and won a bid on ebay for a great deal. For $130, I got the gypsy, the floral carrying case, the Heritage cartridge and the Hannah Montana cartridge. Plus, it was free shipping! When I figure the difference between what the extras would have normally cost at my fave discount online store with a 20% off coupons and shipping, it's like getting the gypsy for only $40. And considering that all this stuff in a Michael's/Joanns would have been around $450 even with their current sale, it's a steal!

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement! If you are looking for a good deal on ebay, check out the seller proudparents2005 That's who I got it from and it looks like most of the bundles (without the HM one though) have gone for under $140 so it looks like you can almost always get a great deal. They also have a ton of cartridges for around $20. I can't wait to get it and start playing with it!

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