Monday, November 17, 2014

Custom Nursery Letters Airplane Theme

Since moving to Tx 2 years ago, I've barely done any crafts. I never really got around to unpacking my craft room and rarely had the time/energy with having a new baby and then getting pregnant again. So, when my friend, Tiffany, asked if I could make a set of letters for her new baby's room, I was excited for the excuse to finally break out the supplies.

I made her daughter's nursery letters 3 years ago so I was honored she asked me to make them again. These were her daughter's.

This time, she was having a boy and the theme was airplanes. Soo adorable right?! She sent a picture of the bedding and I went to work looking for paper/embellishments. Well, apparently airplane stuff is not easy to find in scrapbooking supplies unless it's military related or travel related. They were going for more of a vintage airplane theme. I even tried online stores with no luck. Then I randomly decided to check Etsy since I was already on there shopping for baby stuff.

I came across the perfect paper on Etsy! The colors were a match for the bedding and they had vintage airplanes. This is the paper pack I bought. It's from DewDropsDigital. It's a digital paper pack so I had to find somewhere to get it printed. I can't remember the site I ordered the paper from, but I wouldn't recommend them. The solid pages came out streaky and the quality wasn't great. I solved that problem by distressing the letters and covering any flaws with embellishments.

I was kinda worried that I could make it work since it was so difficult finding things to fit the theme, but after getting started, I think I was able to pull it all together. Here's the letters hanging in his adorable airplane nursery.

Closeup of them hanging

I kept the letters with the airplane paper very simple so I didn't take away from the print. I just added a few rub ons. On the solids and the stripe, I added some metal airplanes, twine, and dimensionals stickers with a baby/nursery theme. Hopefully they love them! I was so happy to get my mod podge out again and I need to find more time to get in there and make things.

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