Monday, November 17, 2014

Ruffle lamps

When we first found out we were having a girl, I started pinning cute nursery ideas like crazy. I originally planned on pink and blue for her room and came across these adorable DIY lamps at Ginger Snap Crafts. I pinned them and, like most things on Pinterest, I forgot about them.

When I couldn't find any inexpensive lamps that matched in her room, I remembered those cute ruffle lamps and set out to Big Lots to see if they had some simple lamps like I got for Ethan's nursery. Luckily, it was back to school time so they had all their dorm room stuff out. We got both for $24 since I had a 20% off coupon.


Then I went to hobby lobby for the ribbon. They were 50% off so $2 per color. I started with a roll each of hot pink, purple, and white. Then we just got to work with a glue gun.

After looking at it for a few days, I decided it was too much white in the middle. Since I couldn't start over, I ran out and got a light pink to add. It's kinda squeezed in since there wasn't space left, but I think it looks more complete with the white being separated. 

Here's a pic with them on. Love how they turned out. They're bright and girly. And for $22 per lamp ($30 + $8 in ribbon + $6 in hot glue) they were much more affordable than any other options I saw. 

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