Thursday, December 18, 2014

Unicorn Princess Nursery

We finally finished our last DIY item for little Emma's room. With 2 under 2 and a husband doing his MBA, everything takes way longer than it should. But, now her room is finally complete! Just in time for her to move up to her crib since she's just about outgrowing her bassinet.

This post will be very picture heavy. I *think* I may have gone just a bit overboard when doing her room. But, Ethan's was so much fun that hers had to match and well, it's the room I would have loved to have as a kid. It's totally girly, fun, bright, and unique. I bounced around a ton of different ideas, then I found the unicorn fabric and knew I found the right theme. I mixed in chevrons, polka dots, and hearts to keep it from being too unicorn themed.

The view walking in. I smile every time I open the door.
Emma's door sign from her great aunt Betty.
Since we couldn't paint the room, I had to do lots of color elsewhere. This vinyl decal was an amazing custom design from WallDecalSource. I messaged them and we combined 3 of their designs to come up with this. I LOVE how it turned out and they were great to work with. 
The glider is the same one we recovered for Ethan's room. My mom saved the pattern and made me another set of slipcovers with the chevron print. I added the pom poms over it to give her something to look at while nursing. 
My mom made the pennant banner and my husband helped with the bow holders (I'll post the before/after in another post). I found the unicorn seat at Marshall's on clearance and the toy bin at Home Goods. This is my fave part of the room. 
The pennant sign was made by Christa's Creations, playroom sign from HomeGoods. We used furniture we already had.
My mom made the cover and diaper stack and we got the toy baskets from Big Lots
My husband helped me make the lamps. The prayer canvas was from Mager Dreams. The pink mask we bought in Venice a few years ago and the birdcage I've had for about 6 years waiting for the right space. My mom made the runner and valance. 
I adore this unicorn print from HRushtonArt. It's so beautiful in person with a little glitter in spots. They also have an amazing book with their prints that I soo want. The Emma hanging rack was a gift from my Aunt Sheila. Amazon had the hamper and the awesome unicorn towel.
The amazing quilt my mom made. She is so so talented. The other side is the unicorn print.
My mom also handmade the unicorns for the mobile. Adorable. Emma loves babbling up at them.
This area just makes me happy. We bought the dresser used and it was a light pink/gray combo. Josh and his dad re-painted it and added a hanging bar for me. This is her dresser for all the "fancy" clothes. The unicorn stand I bought a few years ago, but we painted it purple and added glitter spray paint. I keep her fancier bows on there. The princess bin holds the elastic to mix and match the plain bows. 
Her ridiculous shoe collection. 
Drawers hold her hats, cardigans, bloomers, and baby leggings.
Cold weather gear, towels, and blankets are kept in the closet. This stuff goes up to 24mos since I buy ahead of time when I see a good deal. 
Another view of the crib/glider. And a ridiculously giant stuffed unicorn. 
My mom did all the bedding. I have an extra sheet (and changing pad cover) in the pink polka dot. My talented friend, Ebeliz, made the unicorn lovie.

We added battery powered LED lights to the birdcage as a nightlight. 

Yup, I totally went a overboard in her room, but I absolutely love it. So all the work was worth it. I still love Ethan's room after almost 2 years and I'm sure I'll feel the same about hers. Ethan loves his room (robot was one of his first words), I hope she loves hers. A lot of love went into making everything. Once again, a HUGE thank you goes out to my amazingly talented mama for making so much in here! Without her, there's no way either of them would have such awesome rooms. I reused a lot of items that I already owned throughout the room, just added some spray paint when needed. 

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  1. Absolutely Adorable!! Super creative ideas - I love the quilt your mom made too.
    My print looks awesome on the wall! : ) Happy to be part of such a cute room!


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